IDA Accredited Course

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has rigorously reviewed The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools (TTT) and awarded the course with Accreditation. 

Teachers can trust the content to meet highest standards. During the review process, Top Ten Tools demonstrated evidence that that it is uniquely aligned with the Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS).

The course engages candidates in a rigorous level of involvement with sufficient content to prepare candidates to earn a passing score on the KPEERI exam.


Q. What is the difference between the Accreditation IDA Top Ten Tools course and the other Top Ten Tools course?

A. Both courses share the same content, are aligned with the Knowledge and Practice Standards, and will prepare educators to take the KPEERI exam.

Both courses include formative and summative assessments of learner knowledge.Both courses can be taken for 3 PD credits/CEUs through Northwest Nazarene University.

The IDA Accredited Course, however, upon completion, will fulfil various certification requirements candidates may be seeking. It has a higher level of rigor through the additional requirements built into it. The additional requirements include: required readings and written responses graded on a rubric by TTT faculty; required discussion board posts and reflections; the purchase of a text which is required throughout the course; and submission of lesson plans. 


If you are considering registering for the Accreditation IDA Top Ten Tools course, download this Syllabus for more information about the content, requirements, and grading criteria.


Each Top Ten Tools Course:

• Prepares candidates to serve as general education classroom teachers or support personnel to provide or support: (1) whole group reading and language arts instruction to students in general education contexts; and/or (2) small group instructional practice opportunities for students who are not meeting grade level reading expectations in general education.

• Supports schools in the process of building Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).

• Meets criteria to fulfill requirements for multiple educational certifications. Inquire with your certification granting institution to ensure that this TTT Accredited course meets their requirements for certification.

• Provides in-depth reading knowledge and instructional practice in the science of reading for teachers, administrators, school psychologists, practitioners, parents of children with dyslexia, occupational therapists, SLPs, and other interested persons.


While TTT provides connections to rich classroom practice, those seeking accredited practicum courses that prepare professionals to provide specialized, remedial reading interventions to students are directed to the IDA website for a list of Accreditation-Plus courses. Most certification programs require both Accreditation (such as Top Ten Tools) and Accreditation-Plus courses.